Frequently Asked Questions

What is MUN?

At over 400 Model United Nations conferences a year, student delegates worldwide assume the role of diplomatic representatives to the United Nations and consider items from their agenda. Every school is assigned different nations within varying committees, which it distributes among its delegates. Each delegate must then prepare to represent their assigned nation’s position on the issue determined by their assigned committee. 


What is expected of students?

​Every school year, delegates are expected to participate in four conferences. Freshman year, delegates will participate in the three novice high school conferences we attend, finishing off with Huntington Beach High School’s very own Novice conference. Throughout sophomore, junior, and senior year, delegates are given the freedom to choose from the varying advanced conferences we attend, ranging from local high school to college conferences. Please refer to the Conference Calendar page in order to view all the conferences HBHS MUN attends. Additionally, delegates in their junior and senior year are expected to assist in running a committee for one of the two conferences HBHS hosts. 

What is the Time commitment?

Preparation for a conference requires many hours. Beforehand, delegates must formulate a paper that displays their extensive research on their assigned country’s history, politics, and current position on world issues. They must also examine what the UN has already done about the committee’s topics and keep informed about new developments. In regards to participation in committees, the length of a conference varies. Freshman year, all novice conferences last one day. However, advanced conferences can last anywhere from two to four days. HBHS also attends some travel conferences, to which delegates could be away for over a week. Please refer to the Conference Calendar page in order to view particular dates of future conferences and their length. 

Is prior experience necessary to join?

No prior experience is necessary to join MUN! Freshman year classes are designed to explain the numerous aspects of the program in depth, supplemented by a Survival Guide we provide. A central feature of freshman year classes are the senior teaching assistants. The highest-achieving senior students are assigned to each freshman class to help the delegates master the skills necessary to effectively compete in conferences, with an emphasis on communication, research and world affairs. Additionally, in preparation for a conference, students running the committee will prepare an extensive synopsis as a starting point for delegates’ research. 


What role do parents play?

Parents are asked to support the MUN program via participating in fundraisers, volunteering at home conferences, and by providing support to their own students. Also, our MUN Booster Club is entirely operated by volunteer parents.

How much does the program cost annually?

A suggested annual donation of approximately $150 is requested from each student in September and covers MUN expenses for the year including bus costs, conference delegate fees, and administrative fees. Our program does not receive funding for these costs from the school district. Additional costs may be required for juniors and seniors chosen to participate in select travel conferences in order to cover transportation, lodging, and food costs. Participation in the travel conferences are strictly optional.

What is the attire at conferences?

The suggested dress for a conference delegate is modest business attire.

  • For Males — a suit, sport coat or sweater, shirt, tie & slacks

  • For Females — a tailored dress, suit, or skirt/slacks and blouse

  • All delegates should wear dress shoes and have a carrying case for materials

What is the sequence of coursework for MUN?

MUN is an Honors/AP level course that is supplemented with a social science course, depending on the grade level. There are no specific prerequisites and no teacher recommendation is necessary. The sequence of coursework is as follows: 

  • Freshman: World Geography Honors/MUN

  • Sophomore: World History Honors/MUN

  • Juniors: AP U.S. History/MUN

  • Seniors: AP Economics/MUN and AP Government/MUN