the first year in model united nations

the costs

  • For a portion of each semester, a given topic will be assigned to the class. The topics selected will be ones that are of legitimate concern to the United Nations. Each student will be assigned to represent a nation.

  • It will be the student’s task to learn through research the actual views of the assigned nation on the topic. Students will learn to write resolutions from the point of view of their assigned country.

  • During long, pressurized sessions, students will learn the arts of caucus, diplomatic persuasion, bargaining, and extemporaneous public speaking.


What is expected of students?

During freshman year, delegates are expected to attend four learning conferences. Most freshmen attend conferences at Mira Costa High School, Edison High School, and two at HBHS. In the sophomore, junior and senior years, delegates also must attend four conferences per year. The level of competition rises as delegates’ skills increase. Our advisors constantly review the conference schedule, registering only for those that are the most competitive and well-run.

Preparation for a conference requires many hours. The delegate must:

  • Know the assigned country’s history, politics, and current position on world issues.

  • Examine what the UN has already done about the committee’s topics and keep informed about new developments.

  • Formulate solutions and submit them in the form of resolutions.


Freshmen attend one-day conferences while the more advanced travel conferences may last up to four days.  The delegate is deep into the role of representing the assigned country on the topic being considered. Although much attention is given to the delegate’s speeches, the skills of compromising, caucusing and forming a consensus are equally important. Stamina and self-confidence increase with every conference.

Is there training available?

Yes! In addition to classroom training, answers to many questions can be found in the student Survival Guide.  In addition, a central feature of our MUN program is the senior teaching assistant. Skilled senior students are assigned to each freshman class to help the delegates master the skills they will need to effectively compete in conferences with an emphasis on communication, research and world affairs.


What is expected of parents?

Parents are asked to support the MUN program via participating in fundraisers, volunteering at home conferences, and by providing support to their own students.


By their senior year, even a quiet student has become an effective speaker, an efficient researcher, and an expert in the art of persuasion. “Not my child” you’ll often hear a freshman parent insist. Although lockjaw sometimes continues into the junior year, most HBHS MUN seniors carry-off their place on a delegation with skill and authority. Some are gifted speakers, some excel in caucusing, and others in reasoning and writing - but all are national-level delegates.


Most important, MUN students will acquire skills they will use throughout their lives. They will welcome debate, easily muster facts and use persuasion to further their cause. Students will test their strengths and face their shortcomings. Research will soon become easy; writing will be concise and well reasoned. They will travel to top universities, go head-to-head with students from the finest public and private schools in the country, and acquire time management skills an executive would envy.

How much does the MUN program cost annually?

A suggested annual donation of approximately $150 is requested from each student in September and covers MUN expenses for the year including bus costs, conference delegate fees, and administrative fees.  The program does not receive funding for these costs from the school district. 


Clothing and Materials Costs

Students must attend four conferences a year. The suggested dress for a conference delegate is modest business attire.

  • For Males — a suit, sport coat or sweater, shirt, tie & slacks

  • For Females — a tailored dress, suit, or skirt/slacks and blouse

  • All delegates should wear dress shoes and have a carrying case for materials

  • They should also have access to newspapers, news magazines, the Internet, and the library


​What are the additional costs for Juniors and Seniors?

Upper-level students may be chosen to participate in select travel conferences with costs covered by each participating student/family.  Participation in the travel conferences is strictly optional. 


Though there are no specific prerequisites and no teacher recommendation is necessary, this is an Honors/AP level course​

enrollment criteria for ninth grade mun

the rewards

sequence of coursework

MUN students completing the program will take the following courses: 

  • Freshmen: World Geography Honors/MUN

  • Sophomores: World History Honors/MUN

  • Juniors: AP U.S. History/MUN

  • Seniors: AP Economics/MUN and AP Government/MUN