Founded in 1972, HBHS MUN is a four-year honors program, nationally recognized for its excellence. The approximately 350 students in the program consistently bring home top honors on both coasts as well as internationally. While participating in the program, students complete their Scholar with Distinction or Scholar with Honors requirements in the social sciences World Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics.


This will be one of the most challenging and rewarding classes taken by high school students and will greatly enhance applications when pursuing higher education. The program will not only challenge students’ strengths, but also compel students to face their shortcomings. In preparation, students will learn to efficiently research and write concisely, in conjugation with developing their critical thinking and problem solving. During engaging sessions, students will learn the arts of caucusing, diplomatic persuasion, bargaining, and extemporaneous public speaking. Although much attention is given to delegates’ effective speaking, the skills of compromising, collaborating, and forming a consensus are equally important. Following four years of increasing stamina and self-confidence, students enthusiastically welcome debate and will have acquired skills they will use throughout their lives.

ABOUt our Founder

Lynn Aase

A Tribute to Mr. Lynn Aase:

On April 21, 2021, Lynn Aase passed. This is a moment of great loss, but also a moment of fond remembrance for the thousands of young leaders whom Mr. Aase impacted.

Lynn Aase is the reason we are all here. Over 40 years ago, Mr. Aase had the vision and determination to bring an emerging debate program to a public school in Southern California. It did not take long for Mr. Aase to transform HBHS MUN into a world-renowned debate team. For years, he motivated, trained and taught the future leaders of America.  Because of him, students were allowed to travel and discuss the important issues of their time. His students learned, laughed, stressed and emerged as confident thinkers and diplomats.  

Huntington Beach High School, Model United Nations, and Education has lost a friend and mentor. Gone but never forgotten, we will continue to celebrate his life and the positive impact he had on so many. Mr. Lynn Aase, your students will never forget you.  Thank you for all you did to better those around you. 

In Mr. Aase's memory MUN alumni have founded the Lynn Aase MUN Legacy Foundation to raise funds for students to travel to MUN conferences. To learn more about the Foundation or donate, please visit: 

Aase Legacy Social Media |   


Your legacy lives on.

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